Best 15 Free Spins Bonus Codes & Casino Promotions

15 Free Spins Bonus Codes

The goal of any online casino is to attract new players into the enticing world of online gaming. Oftentimes, bringing these fresh eyes into the fold is easier said than done. This is why many casinos will offer pretty stellar bonuses and signup promotions to lure in prospective long-term players. One of the most popular bonus codes offered by casinos is the free spins offer. With this offer, the casino will give any players 15 free spins or more for simply signing up or continuing to play on certain machines. This gives any user the chance to test out gameplay options without risking their own bankroll.

With the right amount of bonus aptitude, even fresh players can utilize a 15 free spins offer to build up their casino bank account without having to deposit much (or any) of their personal cash. With that said, there are wagering requirements and stipulations to keep in mind. These will inevitably vary from one casino to the next. Below, we'll outline the basics of these free spins offers and how you can use them to your advantage.

What Is A 15 Free Spins Offer

Free spins offers are some of the most popular bonus codes given out by casinos far and wide. This is for good reason: slot players absolutely adore these promotions. They are the best way to try out new slot machines risk-free. Generally, these offers will come in the form of a deposit bonus or a no deposit free spins promotion. With a deposit 15 free spins offer, you make a small deposit into your casino account. The casino will then give you a bonus code that can be redeemed for 15 free spins. Each spin is equal to one bet on a slot machine. That means you'll have 15 chances to pull that virtual handle.

With a no deposit free spins offer, you're granted just as many spins (if not more) but you will not have to make an initial deposit to receive your promotion. Instead, the code will be automatically given to you upon signing up at the casino or after playing through a certain number of rounds on a given machine. The idea of a new player no deposit offer is to give free spins to players without them having to put their own money on the line. This is a pretty enticing bonus code to players who want to get to know a platform and various gameplay options without putting down their own funds.

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Claiming A Free Spins Offer

Claiming any free spins offer, including the enticing 15 free spins bonus code promotion is relatively simple. However, actually options will vary based on the casino you choose to play at. Oftentimes free spin bonus codes are offered in the form of a welcome promotion. As the name implies, a welcome promotion is something granted to a casino player when they first sign up at the site. All you have to do is go through the basic registration process and you'll be sent a bonus code for 15 free spins. Of course, this will be contingent upon whether or not it is a no deposit or deposit offer. With a deposit offer, you will have to deposit funds before you'll have access to your free spins.

To claim, just check your email for the bonus code after sign up. It is that easy. Other ways to claim a 15 free spins offer is to play frequently at a given casino. Oftentimes, an enterprise will seek to reward loyal slot players by sending weekly or daily free spins promotions and bonus codes. This not only keeps players engaged in slot play, but it ups your overall odds of winning big and building that casino bankroll. These 15 free spins offers can be particularly enticing if you're playing on low volatility slots that offer frequent payouts.

Types of Promotions

Any slot player at a casino is going to run into a few different types of slot promotions. Some will be for 15 free spins, others will be for more. Generally, you'll encounter four different types of slot promotions at a casino, the most prominent being the deposit free spins bonus. This is without question the option you'll run into the most often. With this offer, a casino will simply award 15 free spins (or more) when you make a deposit. Some casinos will require certain deposit amounts, so it is important to keep that in mind. With this type of bonus, it is paramount to keep wagering requirements in mind, even if you have an applicable bonus code.

15 free spins

The most popular type of promotional bonus code offer you'll encounter is the no deposit free spins offer. This implies that you can get up to 15 free spins without ever making a deposit. With this offer, the casino will grant free spins for simply signing up at the casino. You are not required to make a minimum deposit to take advantage of the free spins. However, you may need to make a minimum deposit before you can actually cash out your winnings. As is the case with any bonus code offer, including a 15 free spins no deposit offer, you will need to read the terms and conditions of the site you're playing on before getting started.

Another promotion you may encounter is the deposit bonus code plus free spins, which is an ongoing 15 free spins offer that applies to any deposit you make at the casino over a certain period of time. Some sites will also offer free spins prize promotions which are free spins awarded to players who frequent the casino on a consistent and loyal basis. These are also given to any player who is a member of a casino VIP program or loyalty hierarchy.

Keep in mind that no matter what bonus code offer you're sent or given, there will be wagering requirements in place that dictate terms of use. Additionally, many of these 15 free spins codes can only be used on certain machines, which is another factor to consider when choosing which casino you would like to start playing at.

Wagering Requirements Explained

As mentioned above, any bonus code offer or promotion for 15 free spins is probably going to come with some terms of use in the form of a wagering requirement. Not familiar with wagering requirements? Let's break down the basics. First things first, a wagering requirement dictates the number of times you will have to play through or bet with your bonus winnings before you are able to cash out your winnings at the casino. The purpose of these requirements is to keep players from abusing bonus offers. Without these requirements, some players would earn a bonus offer and immediately cash out of the casino without even playing.

Because of a few spoilsports, most casinos had no choice but to put these playthrough requirements in place. Generally, you'll find that casinos have wagering requirements that start at 10x playthrough and that can go up to 50x playthrough. What does that mean? Let's pretend that you've been given a $10 free spins bonus code with a 20x playthrough requirement. You will have to play 20 times through that bonus money before you are legally able to withdraw that money from your account. This amounts to around $200 worth of betting in this scenario.

While this can seem pretty greedy on the end of the house, it is important to keep some perspective. Yes, some playthrough requirements are unnecessarily complex, but you can win on the slot machine you're playing on as you play too. That could equate to more than 15 free spins or whatever bonus code offer you were granted. With that said, to increase your odds of winning big on low volatility slots or even high volatility machines, you're going to want to stick with casinos who boast very low wagering requirements.

On average, playthrough requirements can start at 5-10x but you can find some casinos offering requirements as low as 2x. This will give you the best odds with your bonus code or 15 free spins promotion. You'll also want to consider the terms and conditions involving the slot machines themselves. Not every casino will let you use your bonus code on any machine. Instead, there may be stipulations in place as to how you can use your 15 free spins and which machines are eligible for the wagering requirements.

Calculating Bonus Value

Ever seen a bonus code or 15 free spins offer that seemed too good to be true? Well, that happens all of the time. Some offers look good on paper, but turn out to be total duds. If you want to calculate bonus values, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you are familiar with a casino's max cashout policy on bonuses. Some casinos will cap the amount you can cash out with your bonus. Anything that goes over that amount will be garnered by the casino and will be lost.

Total Wagering Requirements Matter

Next you'll want to find out the total wagering requirements. This can be paramount in determining how much you can earn on your bonus and whether you can actually cash out or if the earnings will need to be put back into gameplay. Finally, familiarize yourself with a slot's RTP percentage and volatility. Slots with a high RTP percentage and low volatility will prove more profitable than those with a lower score. If you want to win big at the casino, keep these things in mind before you play online.